He ran through the courtyard looking up ahead at the cottage.
It was burning bright, not the warm orange of Hestia’s hearth but rather the burning inferno of hell feeding of evil, dark and resentful souls of the dead.

He heard her cry out, he was screaming for him, shouting his name. Even through the flames and people surrounding her, her voice pierced through his heart shattering him into pieces.

‘What did I do?! Is the retribution for one mistake this great?’ his thoughts echoed in his mind over and over again.

An ordinary human as he was, he couldn't enter the burning cottage. The shadows which kept him from reaching her let him hear her scream. He dropped to his knees, “why?!” he shouted. His cry resounding in and near the whole place, his hands shaking he reached for a knife, left there as an after-effect of the battle which had happened earlier.

“If ……. As I can’t save you, I promise they will pay, even if this thirst of revenge burns my soul. I will accept this fate.” He waited for the guards to reach him, so that people may witness his oath.
He heard his- their trusted friend general José shout out to him, to stop.
He smiled grimly, “how can I do that? Without her by my side. Even if I am running away, I can’t live… not anymore- not with this guilt.”
He looked into his friends eyes before stabbing himself.

“I will be back,
This is not the end.
We will be back.”

These words merely a whisper stayed in the minds and hearts of the people who witnessed this.

It is said they died together at the same time, same moment.

Summary                                                                                                                                     Chapter-1


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