Chapter two
I was on my way to class from the library when the bell rang. Oops looks like I have to take a shortcut. I looked around; there wasn’t anybody so I jumped down the stairs from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor. When I jump I usually look down to see where to land but……. right now I saw a boy. ‘Wait what?!
“Move out of the way!” I shouted there as there was nothing else to do. Non trained people would not be able to get away without getting hurt. And…..after what happened I don’t really want to hurt anybody.
The next thing was surprising because rather than moving he looked up. Handsome face I noted (even in that situation). And he caught me, just like that. He caught me and lowered me to the ground. His expression was as calm as could be, and well a little concerned, “Are you okay? How… How did you fall from there?”
I was so surprised that it took me a moment to process the situation. But then again I couldn’t let anybody close to me. It just resulted in “death”; my mind was cleared by that fact. 
“I’m fine, I didn’t fall-I jumped. Thank you anyway though.” I just gave him my cold stare and turned around to go to my class, when he caught my hand, “Wait um…. actually I’m new student so could you tell me where class 2-2 is?”
I blinked. I so wasn’t used to this. Usually they were star struck and after what happened… well, and he was my classmate…… talk about coincidence, I happen to fall on him and he’s in my class, Just great! “So YOU’RE the transfer student, and you’re in MY class? Well….. Come on I’ll show you to the class, if you want.”, I said in a neutral voice I practised for talking to others.
“Thank you!” he smiled. He captured many hearts with that and, He knew it very well.

When I entered the class the surprise was evident- I mean come some boys fell of their chairs, after all I never bring anybody with but well that was fine because I would have show him around anyways. Or maybe I could get him to hangout with a girl from the popular clique, it would be better than being stuck with me and getting hurt…

As the bell rang I went around the class, most of the girls and boys from the class were standing there surrounding and turning to the boy ‘I haven’t even asked his name…… well whatever.’
“Good! Most of the girls and boys are here from are class- hope you’ll be good to him he’s the new transfer student.” I said. All of them looked shocked; the girls recovered quickly and started chattering again. At the end of it he said “hi, I’m Chris Kyle!” with the same smile. I saw the teacher coming in and went to sit at my place.
After Hairi-sensei introduced Chris, she asked “Chris where would you like to sit, hmm... How about, beside Hiro?”
“Sensei how about I sit between Crystal and Akio?”
Good choice, Akio is one of the best boys here, he’s very nice and friendly even though he is popular, maybe that’s why he’s popular,ah but he looks good too, well not that it matters. Chris learns quickly- wait what he wants to sit beside me too?! I looked up from my book surprised-why? Why?? Was it that I was being surprised so often today?!

After we finished the homeroom period Chris had asked me to show him around the school. Akio also came along and by the way they were talking during class it seemed as though they were friends already. He even greeted me, considering he knew my name he had probably asked about me from the class people, then he must have know about me not having friends too. I wonder why he still makes this effort. I looked out the windows as we showed him around the library
I wonder why Rex Rgis still hasn’t found me are they bidding their time or have they stopped searching-so they wouldn’t stop not after killing my parents for ‘IT’, it’s been three months since I came to this school. I should be prepared, they could be close; after all I can’t take them lightly. I unconsciously lifted my hand and touched the scars on my left hand, hidden by the school uniform.

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