SOOO, anyways i decided to start a blog, my first one btw, to post my novels!
In this post i'll be posting the cover for "Alone" the new one which i designed recently to actually fit a book page as the old one was horizontal.

okay then here's the prologue, i'll be posting the chapters one by one- and after i figure out how to get two different"albums?" one edited and one not edited i'll post them separately >~<


The class was noisy as usual (all classes are). Then she came in so beautiful; so cold like a snowflake, as soon as you touch it, it just disappears. The class went quiet, all the students watched quietly as she kept her bag at the table near the window, the first bench.
Her every movement was graceful, she took out a book and went out the door. It was the same outside the class, the corridor went quiet. Only leaving some girls who hated her for the way she was. They thought they had been kind to go to her and ask her to join there clique as she was new, but beautiful. Her beauty was such that the boys forgot every other girl they had been after in school but rather spent almost a week dreaming about her. Although after a week it became apparent that she wasn’t interested in them, not even in joining the girls in their groups. She stayed alone day after day.
 It became a routine for them to watch her as she came in, kept her bag and went to the library, like a butterfly they couldn’t catch but only see from afar.

also chapter 1  is not going to be the original one as im putting 5 chapters together to make one chapter, ya know 10 pages? so the editing is still way ongoing so it will take time~ 
if you can please comment in order to give some encouragement to the editor, that person seems VERY busy- although i shouldn't complain =.= xD


Summary                                                                                                                                     Chapter-1


  1. Hello guys!!! This is the editor-who-is-very-very-busy here! :)
    so yes i am editing the first chapter but as there are soo many mistakes (crystal??) it is taking a lot of time..Pls. contribute to the editing too.

    Danke schon(with an umlaut in the 'o' pls. :P )


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