Crystal Moon: She lives alone as her parents died 11 years ago. Her father's family has roots in Japan, and is know to be prestigious, although over the years they did not have any association with Japan; her father meeting with her mother had completed the circle. She is very quiet, and cold to others, she has no particular friends, and likes to be alone. She has transferred schools many times and has lived almost all over the world. She likes reading and you mostly see her with a book. Currently she is 17 and in high school. She is very athletic and intelligent, but is not known to participate in any contests. Her family was very rich and their death passed the company to her hands, although people initially protested, they eventually accepted the fact that she was very talented, because of this reason she travels too she travels a lot, although most of the work is done by a trusted friend of her parents who is the vice president of the company. She us very beautiful and tall for her age girls, but because of Her cold attitude she doesn't have many friends. She also a part of CM and is one of its elite Agents, although she has never killed for any of her mission, showing that she is very skilled as most of the people who fight against her are knocked out and that she is always in control of her strength.   She never associates with anybody, but it looks like its going to change this year! ~

Chris Kyle: He was born in Japan with his father being 1/2 British, he is 1/4 British being mainly Japanese. He is very cheerful and very good looking making him the target for all the school girls in and near the vicinity. He also like crystal helps manage a company but not as an owner rather helping his father when need.  He is also very tall being one of the only boys who are able to match her height, part of CM but doesn't hesitate to kill for the sake of the mission. He is very powerful and can match crystal evenly in fights; he is also academically accomplished known to be a very good hacker and programmer.
Crescent Moon or CM is an organisation around the world which consists of agents of all ages. It is very powerful political as their agents are very good and are often called upon when there is any need for special backup in any field, ex. Hacking or disguises, strength, strategy, etc.They are also called for personal jobs, but they do have a certain habit of trying to get more righteous ones often refusing assassination, smuggling or other type of missions which tend to be on the dark side. Although, as they are humans this sometimes does not apply and there have been a traitors who left CM for money or other powerful persuasions. 

When you push a cornered lion it’s almost always your death, isn't it? This is the story of how Crystal goes from a cold and hard person she shows to the warm hearted and soft person she is underneath that exterior. 

How would you feel running away for all your life? Going to the most beautiful places on earth but.... with an assassin behind you?
Never having the joy of a family? For 17 years she has been running... not for herself but to at-least protect her brother. 
But not anymore, she's decided to fight back, what will be the consequences? Will she survive? Will it have any effect or will she be .......... Alone forever?

Can her heart take another deception? Or will she close up forever and stay Alone?



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