Chapter Six

Chris’s POV

I saw her, hurrying out of the door immediately after class finished. I knew from the way she glared at me that, she hated me. I smirked at her , because I knew she wouldn’t be able to do anything but scold me, and has that ever stopped me before?

She kept glaring at me and went out. I just couldn’t help laughing at that; god was she fun to tease!
Then all the girls surrounded me, ‘uh-oh, I better get away if I want to leave!’

It took a total of 10 minutes to get away them.
‘Ugh I wasted time, now I have to run to catch up and seeing her in the morning she’s probably reached the apartment.’
My phone rang, when I picked up the voice was so cold it could only belong to them
“Are you close to the target?”
“Yes, in some more time I will have the password.”
“Good, the faster the better.”
With that they cut the call. I thought about crystal,‘She’s like an injured deer. It will be hard to gain her trust, and……………. Probably even harder to break it. Well……. it is a mission.’
I let my regret come over me and clenched my fist. I let out a sigh, and controlled my self.
“Time to go after her.” I said murmured to myself.

I went back to the apartment running but she wasn’t there.
‘She couldn’t have reached; maybe she didn’t come back-got caught up in something?’
I started back on the way to school to see if I could find her.

When I found her she was their standing in an alley near the school. She was holding on to her left shoulder with her right hand, covered in blood, leaning on the wall.
What surprised me wasn’t the blood or the injury; it was her expression, any agent no matter how good, wouldn’t have been able to hide the pain. But she stood there; like nothing had happened.
‘The only people who can keep a straight face are those who have been repeatedly exposed to pain……………….
 What happened to her?’

Crystal’s POV

Without warning he took my right elbow
and pulled me. Even though I complained he didn’t I saw Chris coming toward me, he had an unreadable expression. He came near, I got ready to attack. Even though I avoided four of the shots, the fifth one hit me on the shoulder. I stood there and checked if anybody had escaped or was still awake.
‘Good, all of them are here and unconscious.’

“You need to go the hospital, come on.”
“Whaa!”stop, he wasn’t attacking so I let take me. ‘I can get away anytime I want, so how does it matter?’
He asked where the nearest hospital was and asked for directions at every turn.

When we reached the hospital, I called up for the special CM treatment.
No questions asked.
I had to call CM and inform the Japan-Tokyo branch head.

By the time I had my shoulder bandaged and cleaned. CM had arrived.
They came in, Chris had been standing in the room, but they didn’t say anything
“How did this happen?!”
“I was going home when they attacked me, there were too many people, so I slipped and ended up shot.”

Suddenly the door to my room was opened and Ren came in, he came forward run and collided in to me.
“What happened? How did they find? Even if they did how did you get hurt? Does it hurt? Do you any more injuries?! I’m soooo sorry!!! I wasn’t there!”
He didn’t give me chance to answer anything and started crying.
I put my forehead to him, “calm down, and give me time to answer. I’m fine. Stop crying….. It’s fine. And how is it your fault?”
I said gently trying to compose him.
He stopped sobbing after sometime, “you won’t leave me right? Like mom and dad?” he said his voice cracking a bit.
“Ren…” I looked at him sadly, even though both of had been hurt by what had happened, he had been so young, he hardly has any memories of them. He regrets it a lot. And I know even though he denies he scared I’ll leave too. He was very cheerful, an opposite of me, we fought a lot too. But whenever I got hurt he was the first to rush to my side.
“Never, I won’t leave. We’ll always be together.” I smiled at him
“How was yesterday? Do you enjoy the school?” I said trying to change the topic to cheer him up.
“Yes! Its soo nice, and because its boarding I get to be with my friends all the time!”
His eyes brightened. He was probably the only one who could make me smile with his word, right now at least.
“But, I miss you!”
I laughed at that, Chris was very surprised, he had probably imagined I never smiled forget about laughing.
“I know you do, now come on I need to talk to kumiko-kaichou now, okay?”
“Yessss.”, He said dragging out the yes. I smiled.
I turned towards the others.
“Before you ask anything, who is Chris? You know him, that’s visible otherwise you wouldn’t have let him stay in the room.”

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