Chapter five

I dodged the first attacks and moved toward the wall, so that I had something to protect my back. I had to move quickly so that they wouldn’t hit me. It wasn’t that I was weak, but that would give them the 1 second they needed to tranquilize me.

I felt something coming toward from the back to my right when I jumped; I put my weight toward the left to dodge it. When I turned I saw it had been a bullet
‘They got guns to… but then again now that they keep losing against me they would probably get cannons, if there were any pocket size?’
I smiled at that; one of the agents saw that and got angry.
“You’re mocking us!” and fired at me.
‘How stupid, firing at me straight on my face.’
I easily dodged that and went back to fighting. When I fight I try to avoid hurting people, just knocking them out. It consumes less time and energy if you know the techniques, and because I don’t like hurting people. Even people who work in organizations like that have their reasons, its not that it justifies their actions but they have their reasons. Not all are like that though some even do it out of pleasure. Those are the people I hate.
The reason I try not to get close to people is because of what happened when I was 10. I had been in that place for 3 weeks and made a friend, he was my only friend the only one who had been able to accept, welcome me even.
“Adriano come on, we need to gooo!” I was pulling him along with me. We had been coming back from school, and he saw a flower he hadn’t seen before so he sat over there taking notes. He kept saying he wanted to be botanist.
Then suddenly some people surrounded us, we were taken to the main building in the city. Although I never got hurt, because Crescent Moon found me, the people from the organization set the building on fire. All we ever got out was that they had been developing something which they didn’t want to disclose. The thing was, Adriano hadn’t been able to come out of the fire and we never found his body. I think that’s what has kept me from hurting people.

It looked like they had called for re-enforcements, I counted more people now.
Suddenly, I slipped. ‘ahh!’
Five of them shot at me from all sides.
‘What do I do?!’

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