Chapter four

I woke up to a nightmare in the morning.

It was the same, my only nightmare; I still remember it as though it was just yesterday. My parents, Ren my younger brother and I had gone to Greece to celebrate my birthday. Just as we were about to cut the cake my father stopped me; looking worried he went to my mother in the kitchen. Then it happened…………..
The shooting started at once, I think- now, that they had somebody watching us. All the windows were broken, it continued for 5 minutes. As I didn’t know anything about my parents job or about what was happening, I’d gotten scared, grabbing hold of Ren I had rushed into the kitchen only to see my parents surrounded in red, I didn’t know what it was that time, because even though I knew blood was red, I had never seen so much before.
My mother and father in their last few minutes called me near, my father they gave me the ring my mother used to wear everyday, once when I had taken it she had gotten very worried and told me not to again, I was very surprised but I took it. At that moment, I thought I was lucky. My father told me to get the picture of my family from the fire place and told me to keep it with me carefully. They hugged us and said they loved us, they always would. They told me to go towards the mountain through the tunnel in the library. They told us to call Akira nee-san and tell her that we need backup and that needed to get out of here. By now I was scared, they were breathing heavily and painfully. When I asked if they were hurt they just smiled, I didn’t recognise the sadness then I guess…. and told me to go.
It all happened so fast that I couldn’t understand why I did it. As ren I were going outside, some people were coming near us, shouting. I told ren to run to creek we played at with the picture and the phone; I called Akira nee-san and told him to hurry, and he ran away. I ran the opposite way, but they caught me. It was too much for a child of 7 to take, they had tortured me for 5 days before got away. I learnt fighting fast, probably because of my parents, but even with everything I couldn’t think about anything except if ren was safe.
 I ran away when there was an explosion in the building, planted by Crescent Moon. They found me and took me away.’ ‘I still have the scars from that time on my back. They had caught me many times since then but those are the ones which hurt most except the other time…. But those were mostly mental scars……. Being betrayed by someone I loved.’

I looked at the clock near my bed, I woke up without an alarm and at the slightest noise, come’s from being on the run for 10 years, it was 7:30…. My eyes widened.
‘I have to hurry, other wise I’ll be late!!’

After I came out of my apartment I saw Chris, it looked as though he had been waiting for me.
“Why are you here?” I glared at him.
“Now, I’m in the Sahara! I was waiting for you so that we could go together, can’t we? You can’t say no, I mean, even if we don’t go together we’ll be going on the road so it’s the same thing.” he shrugged. His nerve!
In the end I agreed to go together with of course the plan to leave him when he got distracted, and I did. I smirked.

When I reached the school, I don’t know how, but Chris had caught up with me. And can you believe it as soon as I opened the door; he put his arm around me. Do I even need to say that students were surprised! Hell, I was!
I just turned around and
“Chris, stop! I don’t know you, nor do I intend to so stay way.” I whispered although I think I was a bit too harshly because he flinched, but he recovered quickly and smiled. He got this lips near my ear and said,
“Okay for school, but going home and coming - together, I can’t do anything about that, nor can you.”
In a whisper so only I could hear. I glared at him, yeah right we’ll see.

He kept his word and didn’t come me for the whole. Strangely I felt that some one was watching me the whole time, but I dismissed it, ‘because of what happened in the morning, almost all the girls hate me now.’

After school ended I hurried out, while Chris was surrounded by the girls. He smiled when he caught my eye, as though he knew what I was thinking and assuring me that couldn’t happen. I just can’t stand that guy!

When I went out I purposely took a deserted side road. Then it happened….

Suddenly people, almost 50, I counted mentally surrounded me. I realized that Rex Rgis had found me. A voice came from within the crowd
“Hello, miss crystal.”
And they all jumped toward me.

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