Chapter three

Surprisingly he stuck with me for the whole day even as I ignored him. The final bell had just rung and I had been packing my bag, when I noticed I had to return the book which I had taken from the library but I had forgotten because of the morning fiasco (falling down the stairs and being caught by somebody, who is NOT surprised by the way, does make people forget.)
‘Oh, well I’ll just stop by the library once.’
The librarian Minori-sensei welcomed me and said, “some new fantasy and mystery books came in yesterday their kept in the back, you can check them if you want”
Giving me a gentle smile.
As I was going to the book shelves in the back my phone rang, the number shown was ‘Crescent Moon’
‘What now, another mission?’ 
Puzzled I took the phone “hello? Crystal? We have noticed some activity in your vicinity that matches the Rex Rgis methods we think that they may have found you again”
“About time.” I said dryly “so when do I move?”
“No, actually this time we still haven’t been cleared it is just a suspicion, but…. If you want to then we can arrange it.” she said softly 
I thought a bit, I mean come on it wouldn’t matter I have always moved from one place after some time. But…. My favourite author’s coming here in 3 days I just want to meet her, what is the probability that I’ll get this chance again.
“No this time I think I’ll stay, at least till it is confirmed anyway.”
“Okay as soon as we get some new I’ll call you.”
“Ah, wait, I’ll come over tomorrow I need to submit my report of the last mission, and I can also check if there is anything I can do.”
“Okay, then be careful.”
I put down my phone as the line went dead.

“Bye, Minori sensei, I’ll return this book by tomorrow if possible.”
“I never understand how you finish those books so easily, bye.” she smiled at me and waved.
I went down the stairs. ‘I could jump but….. No, after what happened in the morning’
I frowned. I was just going out when somebody caught my hand.
I turned saw him, Chris!
“What are doing here?”
“Waiting for you, I noticed you hadn’t gone home yet and I don’t know the area so well, so I was hoping you could tell me…” he was calm but his eyes were begging, he was acting I noticed, but he couldn’t be from Rex Rgis they wouldn’t have waited this long.
“Are you so bad with directions?”
“Well yeah sort of, and I wanted to know where the convenience store was?”
“Okay but for today only, from tomorrow go with someone else or alone, understand?”
“Yes, yes…….. I feel like I’m in the Alps” he grinned.
I glared at him and started walking a bit too fast. Surprise, surprise again surprised he caught up smoothly as though I was walking normally
‘Most people have to run to keep up with this.’

I asked him where he lived and he gave a name of the area where my house was. Oh god what was going on?!!
I showed him the nearest convenience store and left him. He was still following me when I reached my building. “What are you doing?” I asked, narrowing my eyes.
He held up his hands and said “nothing, I live in the same building that’s all.”
My god could this get worse?!!!
Apparently it could, guess what?

He ended up being my neighbour!!!!!!
As I opened my door he smirked at me as though he understood what I was thinking.


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