Chapter-1- raw

Chapter one

Crystal’s POV

Again I have to go through the same routine today. They all watch me from afar, they know they don’t have the courage to be ignored or dismissed again. Even the popular boys stopped. But god, were they irritating! I can’t believe they actually thought they could hook up with me. And those girls? They just can’t give up! As soon as I pass them they start talking about people who are grateful to join them. ‘Grateful’ my foot! They are all scared that they never will have a social life if they say ‘no’.
‘Oh! Well forget them, I need to finish this book, and then I can get the other book I wanted from the library. The meeting yesterday was so long. First they couldn’t stand me but now they can’t do without me! I couldn’t even finish this book!!!’
Just then I heard I heard two girls talking. I don’t usually pay attention but-“it seems that there is a new transfer student!” “I heard the teacher saying it was a guy! I hope he’s handsome.”
‘They just can’t talk without exclaiming, but then again transfers at this time of the year are rare.’
‘Wait a minute! That means I have to go back early to show him around the school. Ugh!!!!!’

Prologue                                                                                                                                      Chapter-2


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